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11 Pro Tips

For a Great Brandopotamus Experience

You can’t tame the hippo, but with our tips,
you can unleash its potential.

UNLEASH THE BEAST with these 10 Pro Tips!

UNLEASH THE BEAST with these 11 Pro Tips!

We are a tight group of innovative branding mavens, creative ninjas and practical technicians. We've unleashed our super powers to give you all we’ve got, leaving everything on the table to hyper accelerate your brand. Strong like HippoSM. Powered by White Glove Labs, Inc.

  • Approach your experience like an actual human conversation.
  • Hit the enter key after typing your answer to move to the next question.  
  • You can ask it to restate where you are in the process or what you said before.
  • Feel free to ask for help with your content using plain language.
  • The more precise you are in your responses and questions, the better.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask the beast to offer recommendations, rewrite your work, etc.
  • Be as articulate as possible in your word choices to become STRONG LIKE A HIPPO.
  • Ask for recalls of your previous answers if things get muddy.  
  • Prompt it to give you alternative content that’s bolder, more detailed, etc.
  • Don’t worry about typos and poor grammar—it can handle it.
  • Get creative and try options to unleash the beast!